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cutting edge

Radius type ZHFR: applicable to die non-molding. The cutting edge has angular radius. MHJ chipset: geometric shapes optimized for all applications Knife: Steel handle EBFM.. age… : applicable to application and short overhang Hard alloy handle EHBFM.. S.. C… : applicable to applications and long excess Modularized system HGBFM.. MH.. / SHM.. – l.c.. :

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Results: The latest AGH3135 and the most popular AGH120 are available for all material processing, and its advantage is that it USES an economy of six angular double-sided blades with a positive cutting edge for milling molds. – a highly economic Mosaic with six cutting edges: – the distorted fl cu plane provides a positive

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SHWMT15 insertion

– the large Angle radius at the bottom of the workpiece is in contact with the bottom of the workpiece, which can help bear the impact of machining. – the large Angle radius is in contact with the workpiece side wall, increasing the fracture strength of multi-depth cutting. MHJ chipset for SHWMT15 insertion: Includes a

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The Wiper edge of the square and octagonal socket extends the application range of finishing. – neutral inserts apply to the right and left blade. – circular insertion for high feed processing and pockets – reduce chip packaging: During the machining of deep cutting, the concave cutting edges are machined. It can be set in

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The geometrical shape of the cutting edge forms a compact wafer that is smaller than the width of the slot and helps the chip to evacuate. Fine chip evacuation improves the surface of the mechanical groove and reduces the time for cleaning clogging chips. – Tung – UniversalSlot The shape of the triangle creates a

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Boring cutting

THCGT… Answer: excellent surface finish and accuracy due to its high precision and straight forward Knife: Long side LHPTC: can adopt metric and inch diameter Handle EHPTC: adopt metric and inch size Boring type THPTC: can be in metric, JIS, and inch bore size Results: The latest AGH3135 and the popular AGH120 are suitable for

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– sharp and rough rake geometry reduces the fracture of cutting edges. – the triangular shape of the inserts increases the clamping rigidity and reliability. – insert dimensions of 6, 10, and 15 mm to a large cut depth. – the irregular pitch of the body can minimize the noise. – sharp and rough rake

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milling cutter

The whole universe is constantly changing, and so is the world of mechanical processing. The need for new products is the driving force behind the technology development, which generates demand for complex materials and processing solutions. THUL introduces the tungsten production line of new milling products, so that you can meet the speed and speed

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