The latest AGH3135 and the most popular AGH120 are available for all material processing, and its advantage is that it USES an economy of six angular double-sided blades with a positive cutting edge for milling molds.

– a highly economic Mosaic with six cutting edges:

– the distorted fl cu plane provides a positive fl clearance, which improves the cutting performance of the large dip Angle.

– the Angle and rake surface geometry is optimized to process hardened materials.

– applicable to various cutting conditions with tungsten system:

– modular design of metric thread and tungsten thread is used to provide flexibility in applications with long suspension.

WHXHU04 insertion radius:

R0.5mm (0.0196 inches) : suitable for low-depth, low-width common hard materials (0.039 inches) : due to the increase of Angle steel strength, it is suitable for hardening steel


Module HGFWX04: can be used in the metric thread connection

Tung-Meister thread connection.

These modular heads can be used for the tungsten foot or standard metric of foot or tungsten.


Agagh110: long tool life, because of its main coating and wear-resisting substrate

The product has good surface gloss and stable machining performance, with fixed clamping and minimum grinding capacity.

– insert asymmetric shapes:

– increase the repeatability of index insertion to achieve minimal output and high accuracy

Ball nose type and radius type inserts meet processing needs

In aerospace and die industries.

– high – accuracy ball nose insertion precision, suitable for high – precision 3d milling.

– fix screw contact surface to guide the desired direction of clamping force to ensure insert clamping.

– coolant delivered to the cutting edge:

– the inserted channel provides sufficient coolant for cutting edges in three directions.

– good chip evacuation and cooling effects provide good surface finish and long tool life, milling hardened steel.

Insert in 12 to 20 mm (0.37 to 1.25) of the

Ball nose type ZHFB: applicable to die and die non-die, three-dimensional milling. Applicable to a wide range of operations.

end mill for stainless steel

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