SHWMT15 insertion

– the large Angle radius at the bottom of the workpiece is in contact with the bottom of the workpiece, which can help bear the impact of machining.

– the large Angle radius is in contact with the workpiece side wall, increasing the fracture strength of multi-depth cutting.

MHJ chipset for SHWMT15 insertion:

Includes a large area of land to withstand the impact load

Wide t-land and a positive rake geometry, allowing the maximum wafer thickness to reach 0.48mm (0.019), and prevent wafer contact machining surfaces


Boring type THXSW15: can be in metric, JIS, and inch boring


The latest AGH3135 and the popular AGH120 are suitable for cast iron, hardened steel and superalloys

New tools have unique insertion design to ensure high stability and incredible productivity

The characteristic of the DoTwistBall is that it has a unique curved insert in both the radius and the range

High feed geometry, clamp on the cross, guaranteed high precision, high stability.

The shape of the rectangle and the twisted clamp inserted into the seat ensures the insertion of anti-rotation, which is to achieve the effect of the cutting radius.

— insert geometry optimization:

– a small chip is formed on the dip Angle of the helical cutting edge to provide an incredible cutting performance.

– cutting edge from the seat surface to avoid contact with screw head to extend the screw life.

– large clamping screw increases reliability when high feed.

– improves the geometry of the cross section of the cutting edge

And the insertion of the circle.

– insert ensures that the 4 corners are used without damaging the unused cutting edges.

– in the same cutting machine, the radius type and the high feed type insert fi (cut size: 04 and 06)

– insert:

High feed type (LHNMX04… And LHNMX06… HJ): suitable for deep cutting of 1.3 and 2 mm (0.051 and 0.0787) respectively for high feed processing

Radius type (LHNMX04. RH4 and LHNMX06… R6… MJ/ml) :

The various materials can be used in RH4 (R0.157) and R6 (R0.236) radius


Handle EHXLN: available metric and inch size

Boring THXLN: can be in metric, JIS and inch size

Modular HGXLN: can be used in metric thread connection

All designs have a rough and close-range design

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