The Wiper edge of the square and octagonal socket extends the application range of finishing.
– neutral inserts apply to the right and left blade.
– circular insertion for high feed processing and pockets
– reduce chip packaging:
During the machining of deep cutting, the concave cutting edges are machined.
It can be set in square, octagonal and round shape, suitable for the same knife body:
SHNGU13… Answer: 8-cornered inserts wide self-wiper processing depth reduced to 6.5 mm (0.26 “). You can also use 2 + 2 cutting edge wipers to insert right and left knives.
OHNGU05… A: 16-cornered economic insertion function reduces the depth of processing by 3 mm (0.12). It can also be inserted at the 8 Angle wiper.
RHNGU13… A: 8-cornered radius is inserted into the rough crustal surface of the expanded application area. The depth of the surface of the crustal crust is high feed and/or generally processed 6mm (0.24 “).
Boring THASN: rough and close design can be used in metric, JIS and inch bore.
The latest AGH3135 and the popular AGH120 are suitable for all materials
Multi – feed multi-function, new high feed cutter series, not only reduce various materials, but also processing time.
– perfect insertion:
– economic blade with four cutting edges.
– the carefully designed geometric figure enables the chip to be evacuated smoothly and to keep the minimum shaking in a low-cutting force.
The dimensions and body diameters of two different depths are extended.
– four different grades of processing materials suitable for wide use
It needs the application range of toughness, high wear resistance and so on.
– in the case of not affecting the feed rate, a fine surface finish is inserted into the wiper of 06 pocket.
– the unused cutting edge is protected to avoid damage during processing, which guarantees the cutting tool life of each cutting blade.
– high-performance close-range body design; Anti -chatter big pitch.
LHNMU03 (Max. Ap = 1.0mm / 0.039 “) and LHNMU06 (Max). Ap = 1.5
Used for high feed processing
Boring type THXN03R & THXN06: can be used in metric, JIS and inch
Hole size
Handle type EHXN03 & EHXN06: can be used in the metric and inch legs

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