cutting edge

Radius type ZHFR: applicable to die non-molding. The cutting edge has angular radius.

MHJ chipset: geometric shapes optimized for all applications


Steel handle EBFM.. age… : applicable to application and short overhang

Hard alloy handle EHBFM.. S.. C… : applicable to applications and long


Modularized system HGBFM.. MH.. / SHM.. – l.c.. : can be used for standard thread connection and standard tungsten wire rope


AGH710: good wear resistance of steel, cast iron and hard materials

AGH725: applicable to stainless steel and stainless steel

Application of diffusion cutting materials is a difficult problem in chip control and tool life. The optimum performance of high productivity and long tool life is achieved through the coordination of hierarchical technology and interpolation geometry.

In this paper, we introduce advanced grade design and geometric shapes to achieve accelerated processing of tungsten bars.

MiniForce – Turn ʼ s innovation and multiple cutting edge insert clip

In the dovetail structure, unique design pockets provide the highest design

Insert stability during operation.

– double-sided insertion with positive cut edge:

– cutting performance equals traditional forward insertion

– 4 or 6 cutting edges can be used to reduce tool cost

– the same insert for internal and outside lines:

– hole line: minimum diameter of 12 mm (0.5)

– outside line: for small parts processing on automatic lathes

– ground insertion, high precision machining

Three types of inserts are available:

WHXGU: 80 ° Angle and cutting edge Angle 6

DHXGU: 55 ° Angle with four cutting edge Angle

VHXGU 35 ° Angle with four cutting edge Angle

A variety of tools for many applications of small machines.

Please note the use of this directory:

How to find a tool:

The standard items of how to read lists:

The cutting tool for the information graph provided in this directory is November 2016.

Our products are being modified for further improvement, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. In addition, due to the development of new products, products may be discontinued in the future.

The size of all products is shown in mm (mm).

The body of an index tool, such as a clamping device, a tool, a bit, is applicable to insert or head to order separately.

The directory classification tool is cut into 5 lines – TurnLine (tool), GrooveLine (slotted tool),

Milling machine (milling cutter), drilling tool (drilling tool) and toro (tool system). The tools in each row are categorized by the application.

THUL’s engineering teams and factories are located near major car factories, providing creative solutions to car customers and improving their production processes.

Heavy industry


THUL’s innovative products help power, rail and shipbuilding companies improve productivity.

Power generation

THUL_ Industry_ Power_ Generation

The high versatility, high quality and robustness of the THUL tools enable the power generation industry to make great progress in the future.

Aeronautics and astronautics

THUL_ Industry_ Aerospace

The TUL is known for its high quality carbide grades, which are best suited for processing foreign materials and hardened steel, in the aerospace industry.

Oil and gas


THUL provides three major parts of the oil and gas industry: upstream, mid-stream, and downstream, which provide a wide range of powerful tools.

Micro parts


THUL offers a variety of products suitable for Swiss machinery, especially for small parts. This produces a high efficiency process and reduces the cost.

Die and mould

Tul_industry. Diemould will create unique technical solutions specifically for the mold industry.




THUL offers a wide selection of hard turning operations for the bearing industry.

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