Boring cutting

THCGT… Answer: excellent surface finish and accuracy due to its high precision and straight forward


Long side LHPTC: can adopt metric and inch diameter

Handle EHPTC: adopt metric and inch size

Boring type THPTC: can be in metric, JIS, and inch bore size


The latest AGH3135 and the popular AGH120 are suitable for all materials

Tungsten – drake, a new miniature shoulder mill series characterized by a

Unique clamping system with special stability in small pockets and grooves.

– reliability of stable machining.

– optimized insertion is positioned as a core strength for a small diameter knife body.

– insert – insert face, insert toughened cutting edge, avoiding chipping.

– insert strength increases in cross section of threaded hole.

The large screw and its contact area increase and improve the variability of the body.

The v-type is inserted into the bottom of the bottom width and is inserted for a given dimension.

– sharp cutting edges and positive rake face to ensure smooth cutting.

AHVGT… Insert 2 cutting edge depth of 6 mm (0.23 “) :

MHJ chipset: suitable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and super alloys

AHJ chip circuit breaker: for non-ferrous metals, for polishing


Angle radius: 0.2, 0.4, 0.8mm (0.0078, 0.0157, 0.031)


Handle EHPAV: metric and inch size

Modular HGPAV: available for metric and tungsten

Threads, which provide the existence of fl for the users of each metric handle

TungMeister handle


Agha 3135: best for steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloys

AGH120: cast iron, or even titanium alloy without coating KS05F fi RST choice: suitable for grinding rake face of non-ferrous metals tungsten slot, is a kind of economic, well-designed slot milling line, used to improve the groove surface, surface milling and milling on the back surface of iron.

– the economic six-point insertion reduces the cost of the tool.

– slope width from 4 mm to 25 mm (0.157 “- 0.984”).

— insert geometry optimization:


– Tung – ThinSlit

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