Ecosphere is highly profitable and highly ecological environment.


— high economic penetration

Reduces the size and cost per tip

Excellent chip evacuation

The fracture resistance is the same as the normal size insertion

The cutting depth is 3.0mm (0.118).

Ceramic blade with dimples used for cast iron high feed transfer

The dual clamping system provides high rigidity insert seat, which makes the cast iron high feed processing. Features:

– double clamping system, insert an insert in two positions

– 4-12 frontier insertion

Reduce tooling cost and tooling change time

– FHX105 type high speed crude or fine cast iron

Excellent wear resistance and fracture resistance

Insert the 25 ° Angle

The y-pro series extends the range of taper cutting, cutting and v-shaped grooves.


– spherical analysis: increased clearance due to reduced interference points

– external bottom cutting: under limited conditions, only one tool holder is required

– profile of small diameter of inner diameter

Highly repeatable rigid double clamping system

In the processing of high-temperature alloy, the TunJet tool can effectively realize the processing of short films, effectively increasing the life of cutter.


– high pressure dual cooling system to improve production efficiency

The special nozzle at the top of the tool holder applies the coolant directly to the cutting edge, while the bottom coolant hole is used for flank

High in the process possible, the coolant from the top and bottom reduces side wear and the crater cracks in the rake

The high pressure coolant on the cutting edge damages the chip, and the general external coolant supply is difficult to achieve


Super alloys with low processing properties such as Ti and Inconel

Highly rigid internal tool frame with excellent chip evacuation

Through extensive structural analysis and simulation, the ideal tool geometry is developed.


– excellent performance of small diameter machining operation

Minimum drilling diameter from the diameter of 4.5 mm (0.177)

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