Available for steel and hard alloy shank

Internal coolant supply

Rigid knife with anti-chatter

– applicable to various machining processes

The sleeve of various small lathe

Internal coolant supply seal (optional)

– stable tool life and excellent chip control

A sharp cutting edge due to a fine carbide grade


– boring

— internal confronts

— internal analysis

— internal withdrawal

— internal spherical reduction

— through boredom

Use circular inserts and tool holders with accurate indexing systems

High performance round panel, 6 index, suitable for medium to large work piece rough machining


– the index does not remove the screw

– circular insert is suitable for high feed processing Max. Feed rate: intellectual property rights of f = 1.0mm/pastor (0.039) (ap)

– FixR-Turn provides the same cutting performance of a conventional tool frame with a flat bottom insert

– compatibility with conventional tools

Super high feed rotation tool

Unique cutting edge, making extremely high feed processing, producing excellent productivity.


– high feed rate of 2.5mm/rev (0.098 ipr)

– unique cutting edge geometry for chip control

– double clamping system, rigid

— — MHL chipbreaker

Lower cutting force

Powerful impact resistance

Rough cutting processing solutions

The Turn-Tec provides lower cutting force and smooth chip evacuation, with a wide range of rough applications with a large cut depth.


– low cutting force

Good chip evacuation due to the great inclination

Suitable for cutting and scaly surface of large depth

Cut thick inserts, strong anti – cutting

High accessibility to center supporting artifacts

– embedded special surface technology

Improved wear resistance and chip evacuation

Due to the unique clamping system, the stable part closes operation

The innovative clamping system ensures the stability of the parts running


– 3 inserts that can be used for different parts of diameter can be installed in the same pocket of the tool holder.

Optimized cantilever length, stable machining

– toolholder sub – spindle

Suitable for separating a small piece of work in a narrow method when using the subspindle.

– unique clamping system

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