Useful CHBN insert has a unique shape, GHNGA type 70 ° Angle

In order to improve the efficiency of refined steel, cast iron and sintered metal


– new shape of CHBN insertion for general rotation

70 ° angle-angle make big gap between the insert and artifacts.

Large gaps reduce cutting force and wear, and provide smooth chip flow to prevent scratches on the surface of the chip.

— high versatility

Standard tools for insertion of ISO CHN** 1204 are available.

The insertion of CHN ** 1204 does not require an offset because the same cutting edge position geometry.

There are two cutting edges with two sides.

There are four types of CHBN grades that can be used to process various materials.

The reliability of hardened steel turning is incredible

– provides excellent wear resistance

– suitable for low – to medium – cutting speed

– covers a wide range of applications from continuous to severe discontinuous cutting

– prevent shedding and provide excellent surface finish

– high resistance to abrasion and toughness + optimum CHBN content

The world’s smallest indexable CHBN insertion

High tip repeatability

Reduce the time to change the knife

Longer tool life, even in low cut

Speed Fr

Economic double-edged blade with sharp cutting edge

Innovative multi-edge blades are clamped into unique pockets to provide stability, resulting in superior processing performance


– insert the sharp blade on both sides

There are 4 and 6 advanced inserts

Reduced tool cost

The performance of the chipset is the same as that of the traditional one

Tw wiper, excellent surface finish

Insert negative tolerance in the radius of the corner radius of automatic lathe

Suitable for the same insertion of inner diameter and outer diameter

Raw: minimum diameter of 12 mm (0.472)

Outside line: for small parts processing on automatic lathe

– Dovetail structure on the tool rack for secure insertion clamps

The “ecological” nomical small insertion series

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