head milling cutter

– tungsten – replaceable head milling cutter is shorter than solid tapping tool.

Indexable milling cutter – capable of merging multiple inserts into different thread diameters and pitch, enabling tools to integrate and reduce tool costs.

Multi-function end milling cutter

Only one tool includes shoulder milling, slotting and drilling.


– square shoulder milling with central cutting edge

– long spiral pockets and stomata for smooth chip evacuation

– long mold for low cutting force

L/D = 4: same as solid end milling cutter

– new clamping mechanism provides the tool diameter of rigid and reduced dimensions

Exchangeable head for reducing tool replacement time

There are hundreds of tools available for a wide range of applications. Commutative magnetic head greatly reduces tool replacement time.


– reduce tool replacement time

Fast head-change system

– because of the double – sided contact of taper and surface, highly accurate repeatability

– reduce tool disposal

– no more grinding

– flexible combinations of various applications

Heads: square, ring, ball, drill, chamfering and grooving


– vee-r is used for roughening of high metal removal rate

– vee-c is used for rough machining and finishing

Three kinds of brazing materials: steel, carbide, tungsten


The square shoulders are processed

Complete the configuration file

– shoulder milling with radius center

– the chamfer

– slot

– deburring

– edge chamfering


– rough end milling cutter

– aluminum roughing mill

– end mill of hardened steel

– the Endmills of refined steel

– Endmills for general applications

— end mill aluminum

– steel ball noseport hardened steel

– ball nose machine is suitable for general application

All kinds of die head can be used in various milling applications

Universal solution, easy to deal with and reduce tool change time

Modular type of cutter head:

Do Feed/HGXN03

Production of high feed machines

– 4 tip insertion, optimization geometry, for high feed processing

– dip Angle and large dip cutting force

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