shoulder milling`


– the shoulder milling

– slot

– increase

– small depth down and through

Slump in –

– drilling (spiral feed)

– expanding hole

Circular milling cutter, milling complex parts

An innovative and secure anti-rotation system that provides highly rigid clamping at fixed insertion locations.


– rigid clamping anti-rotation system

Secure insert seat, prominent tool body

The cutting force pushes into the pocket, resulting in rigid clamping

– circular insertion with 6 indexes

No need to remove the screw to replace the blade

– high cutting speed Vc as high as 300 m/min (984 SFM)

Rounded edge milling cutter with serrated blade used for flutter

The serrated cutting edge insertion provides low cutting force and reduces the application of long suspension


– can be used for serrated insertion and round insertion

Sawtooth type: insert 4 indexes per insert

– smooth chip evacuation for small chips

– low cutting force

– reduced flutter in long-cantilevered applications

Regular round: 8 indexes per insert

– both types of blades have a knife body

Due to the unique insertion head, fastening and rigid clamping

Vertical milling cutter with high indexable accuracy

New type of indexable milling cutter for mould and aviation industry.


— secure clamping mechanism

– unique coolant delivery system

Two insert varieties

Safe groove milling and fine chip control

The economic slotting series has excellent wafer forming and improves production efficiency and stability.


– to optimize the chip for the effective chip, the evacuation of the chip is smooth

– economical type with multiple cutting edges

Ground insertion to minimize operation

Excellent surface finish, with large wiper design

– the blade

Various options range from 4 mm (0.157 inches) to 25 mm (0.984 inches)

Through flexibility “mining” high productivity and cost efficiency

A wide range of diameter can be in the new line ThreadMilling economic head – changeable and indexable tool to satisfy all customers ยด s demand


– solidthread-solid thread tool series for small diameter, such as m1x0.25 and 0-80unf.

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