head insertion

Double-sided head insertion, semi-finishing

Multi-purpose end milling cutter for semi-conformal or non-machining operations, including milling or plunging


– double-sided with positive side – creative geometry

The unique twisting circle shape provides a positive side clearance for double-sided insertion.

Aggressive insertion and a sharper cutting edge improve the cutting action and surface finish.

A highly economical set of six cutting edges.

— high stability

The multi-tail clamping system maintains precise and three-dimensional machining rigidity.

Improved operational reliability.

The back gap and wall surface avoid the chip’s packaging, even in the processed square wall can be cut smoothly.

The optimization geometry of cutting edge provides resistance for machining and hardening of steel


— high versatility

The modular style end of the metric system and tungsten threads can be flexibly used in the various types of shanks or holders in TungHold and tungsten-meister series.

The combination of shank length and handle ensures the versatility of machining operation.

Unique insertion design to ensure high – stability high productivity

It is the ideal tool for 3d processing, because of the edge of the spiral cutting


– the supernormal circle is inserted into the geometry

High helical cutting edge and large positive dip cutting force.

In the process of processing, two sides are inserted in four cutting edgesLarge areas, effectively cutting the unused Angle

Excellent chip evacuation, oblique cutting edge of inclined to form small chip, transport smooth chip evacuation.

– high reliability clamps:

Bending clamp technology avoids insertion motion during processing

The rectangular design ensures the anti-rotation, and the traditional insertion is difficult to achieve

— strengthen cross section

Insert design allows cross sections to be larger than circular inserts.

– two inserts of the same knife body

The insertion of the radius and the insertion of the high feed are all suitable for the same knife body, which provides flexibility and depends on the application.

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