It can be used for coarse, short and long shank knives


– the shoulder milling

– increase

– hole expanding

Slump in –

– slot

— screw interpolation

A shoulder milling cutter used for rough and large machines

Cut to blade, with strong cutting edge, allowing high feed processing. It is highly rigid with thick core and suitable for heavy machining.


– high productivity, deep cuts

The thick net thickness of the blade is used for rigidity

– economic double sides, 4 tip insertion

Large dip Angle and inclination reduce the cutting force

Tangential insertion with a solid cutting edge

– excellent chip evacuation

4 cutting edge milling cutter for high feed processing

Thick and hard edged blade, combined with highly rigid knife body, has remarkable production efficiency.


– double-sided insertion, with 4 sharp and solid cutting edges

There are 2 dimensions, 3 levels, 4 angular radii

Excellent surface finish

The cutting force is lower because of the larger tilt Angle

– front rake face for smooth machining and vibration reduction

– high rigidity cutter body

High rigidity, lightweight shoulder milling cutter with low cutting force

On the outer edge cutting edge, the large dip Angle can provide the sharpness and double relief geometry, increasing the strength.


– can be used for coarse, dense, and additional short cuts

– insert wall straightness of 90 ° cape

– the small axial movement improves the surface quality

– the core cooling system applied to the cutter

High precision end milling cutter

High precision milling cutter provides low cutting force, high productivity and precision, equal to solid carbide end milling cutter.


– long cutting edge and high rake geometry

– can be used in various corners, from square to rounded corners

– special surface treatment to reduce friction and corrosion

– new clamping mechanism provides rigidity between insertion and valve body

– remove the screw to replace the insert

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