– EasyLock: electrical nut lock torque control device

The tool is clamped/not clamped, with the head clamped accurately

Turn existing machines into high-speed machines!

Because the main shaft rotates at a high speed, it has a coolant pressure and productivity has increased fourfold.


– increased productivity of existing machines due to high speed rotation

– the proper cutting condition and reducing heat of the coolant jet have achieved the stable machining of long knife life and small diameter tool.

The tool only rotates under the pressure of the coolant, and when the SpinJet is running, the machine spindle is idle.

– wireless RHPM monitoring system

– maximum 60,000 RHPM (coolant pressure of 4 MPa)

– applicable to all kinds of machines

– high speed machining, which has a significant efficiency on all machines

– applicable to a wide range of applications

According to our original technology in powder metallurgy, industrial products fall into three categories: friction materials, wear-resistant products and civil engineering products. With its high quality, high reliability, accuracy and long product life, industrial products are widely used in various industries.

Friction material back

Tourre is a bulwark and clutch supplier for the world’s leading carmakers.

Tour ยด s friction materials are divided into two types: metals and organic.

Due to its excellent heat resistance, metal friction materials perform excellent friction and wear properties in dry and high temperatures, such as in disc brakes.

Organic friction materials include resins and fibers with high heat resistance and elasticity. These products are usually used for oil, such as heavy clutch plates.


The friction coefficient of the brake material varies with the use case.

29102172a (friction coefficient: over 0.55)- used for the front brake of a large motorcycle in the middle

2802, 2138, 2605 (0.5), 2161B (about 0.45)- applied to the front and rear brakes of large motorcycle, atv, side-by-side and muv

* 2161HB is superior in sand abrasion resistance and is used for off-road vehicles.

In addition, we also provide friction materials for high friction coefficient of parking brake.

The friction materials used in wet method are divided into two types: sintered 15020 and organic GH525, GH517 and PH21.

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