In the process of machining, an insoluble uid is recommended. When water-soluble uid is used, the fluid is used for high strength cutting.

Excellent productivity and stable deep hole drill!

Tungsten can provide efficient and stable machining, and the insertion system of indexable position is beneficial to the management of tools


– excellent roundness, straightness and surface finish

– excellent chip control, high efficiency

– precision, with three cutting edges

– two institutions that can be used for machining centers, lathes and battery machines

Rapidly changing the polygonal coupling tool system

The tool system provides high productivity on a wide range of machines.


– rigid clamping mechanism, anti-bending force

– high repeatability due to taper and surface contact

– self-centering effect of polygon clamping design

– easy tool management for various applications

It’s a short time

The tool system has unique functions and extensive changes


– tungsten-tungsten Collet card system

The small jump caused by the short suspension design

– tungsten electrode: power chuck end mill

Rigid clamping, low torque

-tung -Hydro: hydraulic chuck system

Operation accuracy of less than 0.003 mm(0.0001)

– click: it’s easy to change your mind

The taper shank and grip are connected in a fast half – bend

– tungsten: modular processing system

Screw chuck, convenient tool management

– tungsten degree: modular processing system

Simple and rigid clamping with only one screw

– tungsten hole: adjustable hole diameter bracket

Diameter adjustment range: -0.3 – +1.3 mm (-0.012 – + 0.051)

– tun-gyro: center alignment clip head

Grinding and adjusting the drilling tool on the lathe

-tung -Gfi: floating reamer holder

Automatically adjust the misalignment between the reamer and the preparation hole

– tungsten: centering tool system

Radial self-floating mechanism, high precision, long tool life

– tungsten: balance clip head

High speed machining dynamic balance adjustment

– tung-gti: use attachments

Automatic adjustment function, high precision

– tungsten: thermal contraction bracket

Various adapters for quick change

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