– ground insertion, highly accurate slot operation

Sharp edges are used for strict size requirements

– SHGH730, excellent wear resistance

Sharpness and long tool life

— reduce processing costs

Tools for tungsten products

* Shim needs to change.

Used for various grooves and parts

Various tools can reduce processing costs and setting time.


– inner, slotted and partially open slots

– can be used in PHVD, CHVD coatings, ceramics, carbide, etc

– various USES for breakage


– slot, cutting, slotting, turning and lateral line

Unique system, wide grooves and wide outline grooves

The grooves effectively reduce the processing time and the formation of complex contour.


– reduce the number of complex contours and processing time

– easy to index from the front

Lever clamp reduces change time and machine stop time

– insert the dovetail structure pocket

There is no insert operation in the wide open slot operation

– chip formed by a unique chip crusher

– open tool design to pave the way for smooth evacuation of chips

– internal coolant supply: FHPGR type

Stable tool life and chip control

Optimal performance thread

The tungsten filament provides an incredible thread productivity for various thread types.


– rich blade for various threads

– good chip evacuation and contour accuracy

– long tool life due to new coating

Ultra – small – diameter drill

GigaMiniDrill ensures long tool life and highly accurate drilling.

Coating solid carbide bit, good stability

The ideal bit geometry and grade are outstanding in extensive drilling applications.


– abrasion resistance of coated carbide grades

Stable, long life of tool life in various materials

– flutes are used to smooth the evacuation of chips

— cutting-edge design

Chip formation

Improved bonding strength

Prevent sudden breakage on the edge

Preventive measures

When using a long gun at high speed, the steel tube will be affected by centrifugal force. This phenomenon is strongly influenced by the cutting speed and length of the pipe. The red section below shows the area where the whips are used.


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