– 3 inserts for different diameter parts can be installed in the same pocket of the tool holder.
Optimize the cantilever length and stabilize machining
– tool rack shaft
It is suitable for separating a small piece of work in a narrow way when using the subprincipal axis.
– unique clamping system
Because of the innovative clamping system, unused cutting edges are always protected.
Even if the first cut is cut off, another cutting edge that cannot be used can be used because the insert is sandwiched in between.
The multi-function system can meet the requirements of different slots
Tungsten has a wide selection of standard varieties; Inserts and tools are suitable for all slot operations.
– multi-function slotting system
Rich insertion and tool support for different slot operations
– stable tool life and precision
Long liner, high hardness
High repeatability, because long insertion shape
– external, internal, surface grooves, turning, cutting
The most effective tool, deep groove operation
Unique self – clip insertion, improve tool rigidity. Easy to cut, can prevent the flutter of high speed processing, reduce processing time.
– innovation inserts long tool life
Unique plug-in self-clamping system
– excellent chip control and evacuation
The efficiency of work is greatly improved
– suitable for open slot operation
Open it
– internal grooves and turning
– slot and turn
– cut off
A slotted tool with 4 pins
The ground insert clamps to the unique insertion pocket, providing high hardness and repeatability.
– economic 4 frontier insertion
Neutral inserts apply to the right and left tool holders
Install all width slots on the tool holder
– 3 d chipbreaker
Excellent chip control and sharpness
– high accuracy, shallow groove, separation, section
The best solution for inner and outer shallow groove processing
The most advanced inserts apply to highly precise grooves, providing excellent sharpness and chip control.

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