1020 – for medium and large construction machinery transmission

GH525 – for medium and large construction machinery transmission

* GH525 has a high energy absorption ratio, elasticity and heat resistance, and is used for small gearboxes due to its durability over 1020.


The chip is one of the most advanced and sophisticated long scale parts used to make thin coatings for functional films, rechargeable batteries and flat-panel displays. THUL is the patentee of the carbide-coated lips, and the straightness we provide is less than 0.001 mm, using the latest equipment and measurement techniques.

Small hard alloy balls

THUL’s special technique is to make a sintering ball with a carbon ball of 0.3mm to 1.2mm, with a ball of 0.02. These products are widely used in ballpoint pen, bearing and shotblast treatment.

Steel blades and industrial blades

The THUL industrial blade has excellent edge sharpness and grinding technology for cutting steel, paper, fiber and various recycled items.

Ultra-high pressure device

The tungsten carbide is also used as a key component of ultra-high voltage equipment, under intense pressure at high temperatures. We have won the trust and praise of the research institutions.

Modularized type HXN03: used in metric thread connection with standard tungsten wire rope

Can be used in rough and close-range design


MHJ: ideal application

MHL: applicable to adhesive materials

WH:Wiper insert for better bottom surface fi nish


AGH725: applicable to various materials, including superalloys and hard materials

AGH3035: suitable for cutting steel and hard cutting

Material, with excellent wear resistance and anti-fracture

Suitable for titanium, stainless steel and steel

AGH120: suitable for cast iron

Grinding machine, simple but powerful high – knife milling cutter for large cutting, improve performance and production efficiency.

– square type insert with 4 cutting edges and positive fl bank clearance:

– enhanced fl type surface with high resistance to crack.

– a special permit for fl has enhanced its ability to improve.

– excellent productivity due to the deep cutting of 2.5(0.98) mm and high feed/teeth height to 2 mm/tooth (0.078 ipt).

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