THSX series

  • the new CHVD coating of sumitomo, Absotech platinum, creates high reliability edge treatment for steel turning.
  • new grade high adhesion, surface treatment smooth, newly developed high functional coating, reduced tensile stress, greatly reduced fragmentation.

Sharp blade sharpness greatly reduces shaking.

THSX series

Features and benefits

THSX offers superior metal removal rates

  • using the newly developed hard alloy stamping/sintering process and precision grinding process, the peripheral ground inserts produce incredible precision and excellent surface finish
  • use cost effective 4 – Angle grounding tolerance insertion
  • tangent insert insert, which achieves the optimal edge sharpness and the optimization of sidewall precision
  • THSX has two insertion dimensions, providing maximum depth of 8mm (.315) and 12mm (.473).
  • THSX provides the strength required to increase the intensity required for small operations to heavy processing applications

The main component of resin binder is thermosetting resin. Phenolic resin is mainly used in polyimide resins, which has good heat resistance and is becoming more and more common. Our products are widely used in various materials.

Metal bonds consist of various alloys: copper, tin, steel, cobalt and tungsten. MHT key wheel application (we) special metal bond has excellent grinding ability and long tool life, which is highly recommended by ceramic, carbide and ceramic.

The Features

  1. The elastic properties of work resin make its surface roughness extremely good.
  2. Excellent wear resistance, can be used for grinding ability of various materials.


  1. High wear resistance and wear resistance make the cutter life longer.
  2. It has good glass and ferrite grinding ability.


Metal materials such as hard alloy, metal ceramic, high-speed steel, etc., from rough grinding to grinding process, processed into fine ceramic, ferrite, glass and other materials


For glass, ceramics, ferrite, semiconductor materials, stone materials and other materials for rough grinding

Ceramic bonded grinding wheel

Vitreous binder is glass substrate ceramics, which has been used in traditional grinding wheel for years.

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