GHSX Endmills

GHSX Endmills USES high-wear-resistant and heat-resistant GHSX coatings to improve reliability and long tool life in a wide range of working materials. The combination of the big dip and the distinctive flute profile helps to improve sharpness and chip evacuation. By inhibiting the change, the outer diameter tolerance is reduced by 2/3. Compared with the traditional method, the diameter adjustment is not required when replacing the tool. GHSX has high surface precision with high rigidity, long cutting edge length (4D)/ >

GHSXVL vibration type

The optimal irregular spacing of GHSXVL and irregular lead can greatly improve the grinding force and anti-fracture performance, and achieve high speed, high feed and low cutting force. GHSXVL realizes the round land, greatly improves the processing surface quality.

(circle phi 5mm or more.)

GHSXB Ballnose

The combination of ultrafine carbide substrates with new coatings improves heat resistance and wear resistance. GHSXB reduces the cutting force and has a strong helical angular R cutting edge. GHSXB improves the ability of the chip to evacuate through its unique pocket shape + widened pocket area.

Designed and built in the United States for more than 40 years

In July 2007, sumitomo acquired Ohio state university in the gran river near Cleveland, Ohio

26,000 square feet of manufacturing space

  • specializes in providing some specific special insert tools for a wide range of applications
  1. A trusted family

High performance insertion:

Sumitomo’s engineering division integrates our extensive insertion with high performance geometry, rank and coating.

Answer: unparalleled service:

Sumitomo’s design department will be a one-stop shop for your tools: we will not only customize tools, but we will provide support, services and installation to help meet customer needs.

  1. Custom tooling to meet

Unique requirements:


Sintered diamond tool material


Tool blank “SUMIDIA blank”

Synthetic single crystal diamond tool material


Cutting tool blank “SUMICRYSTAL UP”



Features and benefits


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