PHWS series

PHWS series

The PHWS Shoulder milling cutter series has the ability to process various materials, including steel and cast iron.

The shoulder mill of PHWS is constantly increasing with an unprecedented cutting edge strength. Its two steps insert the array structure in response to deep cutting requirements, while the optimized circuit breaker provides excellent edge sharpness and cutting ability. A17mm insertion allows special material removal. Insert serrated design with high precision molding technology to provide steady milling (even in large suspension applications).

Large diameter selection

The diameter of this PHWS is 2000 “-10.000”, which is in both coarse and fine diameters.

Waxes for

It is characterized by high speed and high efficiency. The wax series cutter makes the processing cost and time of non-ferrous materials much lower. The wax series also provides special high level and helical milling aluminum alloy. For the sake of safety, this series prevents the cutter from invalidation by inhibiting the insertion of centrifugal force.

DHLC package insert

The wax insertion has two insert styles, DHL1000 and H1. DL1000 is a kind of DLC coating (type diamond carbon coating), which significantly improves adhesion. H1 is the polishing stage of aluminum profile for aerospace industry.

Goal – Mill cutter

The cutter has the screw lock which is cut to the installation, used for the high efficiency roughing and processing of cast iron parts. The target machine USES a multi-blade design (about 3 teeth per inch). Both GHFX and GHFS complete with easy to use tool eccentric fine-tuning mechanism to adjust 5 mu m or lower jump. Circular arc type insertion for low cutting force.


Ability to master tools

Master Tool, LLC. Can provide customized milling cutters to suit your specific application and customization tools.

GHSX Endmills:S and C

The GHSX Endmills includes extended processing applications with two cutting edge profiles. The lineup includes a sharp-centered s-shaped (sharp edge) and a c-shaped (enhanced edge: gray-ground) centered on the fracture. Fine grained hard alloy matrix has excellent toughness and thermal shock resistance, improving the reliability of wet machining.


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