Precise insertion, strong cutting force and low cutting force

Unique curved cutting edge design increases cutting edge strength and reduces cutting force.

High precision cutting edge, machining surface is close to machining quality

Even deep grooves and low-hardness machines can be cut smoothly

Very durable body

Improved corrosion and scratch resistance through special surface treatment.

Improved locking force and durability use larger screws.

The coolant hole is the standard of the whole series

Improved chip evacuation with air or coolant supply.

Extensive selection insertion

Design of six different chipsets. (L, G, H, E, EH, S type)

Nine different levels, covering all kinds of work materials and applications.

THSX series

  • THSX offers superior metal removal rates
  • using the newly developed hard alloy stamping/sintering process and precision grinding process, the peripheral ground inserts produce incredible precision and excellent surface finish
  • use cost effective 4 – Angle grounding tolerance insertion
  • tangent insert insert, which achieves the optimal edge sharpness and the optimization of sidewall precision
  • THSX has two insertion dimensions, providing maximum depth of 8mm (.315) and 12mm (.473).
  • THSX provides the strength required to increase the intensity required for small operations to heavy processing applications

WHFX series

The high-precision fuselage of the WHFX series is the best shoulder mill, which includes a redesigned tool with a 90-degree lead Angle. The convex side of the inserts offers an optimized toughness and an integrated windshield wiper to provide excellent surface finish. The series includes coarse, fine, ultra-fine asphalt knives. Coarse and fine asphalt is provided in 2 “through 8” diameters, while ultra-fine asphalt caters to 2 “through 5” diameters.

Achieve special verticality

WHFX milling cutter is a screw cutter with 4 kinds of inclined insert blades. The high accuracy of WHFX is ideal for achieving the vertical degree of a particular part. The available insertion grades include: ACP series for steel, AHCK series of cast iron, AHCM series of stainless steel and DHL1000 & H1 of non-ferrous materials.

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