Dry mill

We have a rich product line: “weixin” application of CHBN, “EG WHEEL” for hard alloy and ceramics, and “nanomaterials”, which are suitable for ultra-fine processing of semiconductor materials. The surface of the abrasive is nickel-plated and its surface has various precise forms. Our products are widely used in various materials.

The Features

  1. Good grinding ability
  2. The rotary dresser on the machine can operate the vitreation and trimming of the vita
  3. Special adhesive technology can be used for high speed grinding.


  1. Excellent wear resistance of work, due to its great outstanding characteristics (with good chip discharge performance).
  2. Due to a large number of active particles, maintain a good shape.

The product is easy to form and the body is reusable


Steel, hard alloy, semiconductor materials, ceramics, etc.

It is suitable for high speed grinding


Hard alloy, ceramic, magnetic material, steel and other forming grinding.

Rubber, FRP, etc. Dry mill.

The flute is best suited for super – heat – resistant resin with special packing. It has excellent cutting performance and tool life.

It is suitable for open slot applications of all kinds of tools, such as end milling, bit, reamer and peristaltic grinding.


  • super heat resistant resins can help reduce the deterioration of heat.
  • excellent cutting ability and shape memory ability, even for heavy grinding, such as peristaltic grinding.
  • compared with the traditional wheels, the high feed rate and the long dressing interval can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.


  • end milling, bit and reamer grooves
  • insert chip grinding
  • heavy grinding of various tools (including special steel tools)

Applicable to metal ceramic grinding


The hybrid wheel is made for the high efficiency grinding of metal ceramics and is a difficult material to cut. Because of the microsection of the special metal binder, it has excellent grinding ability and long tool life due to the function of resin bond matrix


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