• ceramic surface grinding, surface grinding, slotting, detrital grinding, etc.
  • various grinding, including hard alloys and ceramics


Special metal filler is adopted to improve the thermal radiation intensity. By reducing the heat of sand and bonding after heat treatment, good cutting ability and tool life are achieved.


The combination of fine sand grain retention and pore structure has achieved good grinding ability and wear resistance, thus achieving high efficiency and high precision grinding

Peripheral grinding carbide blade

  1. Working conditions

1) machine: CNC grinding machine

2) workpiece: hard alloy

3) coolant: water solubility

4) the wheel

  • SHD400N100BFX (wing main type-r)
  • shd400-100b (produced by another company)


  • high efficiency and low cost grinding, with high grain storage capacity

Easy to use, improve the performance of dressings.


Industry: automobiles, bearings, household appliances, tools, gears, molds and mould parts: CAM, crankshaft, injection needle, rocker, compressor, bearing, ball screw, motor, etc.

Such as the wheel

The Features

  • a special diamond rotary dresser for simple dressing and trimming on the grinder
  • excellent running and formal accuracy in short time on grinding machine
  • precise alignment of surface roughness, productivity and cutting edges of wheel life


Industry: machine tools, household appliances, automobiles, bearings

Workpiece: ceramic and carbide

Solid diamond grit and high porosity of vitrification combine with a special diamond layer to provide lower grinding force and improve grinding operation.

Achieve flatness is less than 1 mu m Ø 300 silicon wafers, made grinding materials, including semiconductor, electric and other materials. Low grinding force reduces the load on the workpiece and the grinder. The nano-v-xin nano-acid salt is used for grinding the coarse-grained wafers and ultrafine wafers, while ultra-fine ceramics completely subvert the wisdom of the traditional grinding wheel. The application of material technology and production technology makes ultra-fine grinding possible.

Its effectiveness to reduce the damage layer brittle material such as polish – reduction Ø 300 mm silicon wafers and prevent cracks in the thin layer device chip.

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