High shaping performance

The optimum grinding effect is obtained by combining diamond gravel and vitrified binder. Single-crystal continuous grinding is now available.

In particular, the process of grinding wheel has the same feeding rate as the grinding process of silicon chip.

Nanomate premium

It is suitable for the wafer grinding of semiconductor power devices

Ƒ from Grit size and working surface chip (SiC)

The newly developed vitrified binder has high solid sand rate and porosity for rough processing, and the efficient continuous process is realized. It is suitable for materials such as sapphire and SiC, which are not easy to cut. Compared with conventional grinding wheel, it can provide 2 ~ 3 times the feed.

The MHT bond is a new kind of metal binding agent, which is made to achieve the best grinding ability, which combines the advantages of the combination of resin and metal.

Diamond grinding wheel can effectively grind ceramic, carbide, ceramic and quartz. On the other hand, CHBN grinding wheel is used for non-ferrous metal materials. For grinding wheel surface grinding and peristaltic grinding, MT key wheel is recommended to maintain its grinding capacity.

MHT key wheel – pursuit of ideal grinding wheel

Applicable to all kinds of workpieces, such as hard alloy, ceramic, high speed steel, etc. Surface grinding of glass, various ceramics and steel is recommended using mt30,40 and 50.

High shaping performance

Ɣ HMB spark to make shorter hours fast calibration with high precision grinding machine using special low melting point metal bond for discharge dressing. The use of ultrabatting fine grain abrasive, obtained the further benefit. Get good flatness in a short time.

The next generation of double disk grinding


It is applicable to the surface quality improvement of automobile and household appliances in energy saving and miniaturization. Compared with traditional resin bond grinding wheel, the time of adding electricity is extended.


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