Insert the front end of the 8 tip

– owml – ml of stainless steel and high temperature materials

– hj is used for high feed milling of steel and cast iron

DoQuad: insert 8 of the most cutting edge blades for deep cutting

– the blade:

It is suitable for thick, dense and ultra-short cutter body for various processing requirements

Two kinds of clamping system: screw and side clamp

The side clamping system is used for the extra short distance cutter to assist in the simple and quick insertion of the index

High rigidity, lightweight face milling cutter with low cutting force

On the outer edge cutting edge, the large dip Angle can provide the sharpness and double relief geometry, increasing the strength.


– can be used for coarse, dense, and additional short cuts

– HGJ 30 ° insert for high feed milling corner Angle

– the small axial movement improves the surface quality

– the core cooling system applied to the cutter

Circular milling cutter, milling complex parts

An innovative and secure anti-rotation system that provides highly rigid clamping at fixed insertion locations.


– rigid clamping anti-rotation system

Secure insert seat, prominent tool body

The cutting force pushes into the pocket, resulting in rigid clamping

– circular insertion with 6 indexes

No need to remove the screw to replace the blade

– high cutting speed Vc as high as 300 m/min (984 SFM)

Rounded edge milling cutter with serrated blade used for flutter

The serrated cutting edge insertion provides low cutting force and reduces the application of long suspension


– can be used for serrated insertion and round insertion

Sawtooth type: insert 4 indexes per insert

– smooth chip evacuation for small chips

– low cutting force

– reduced flutter in long-cantilevered applications

Regular round: 8 indexes per insert

– both types of blades have a knife body

Due to the unique insertion head, fastening and rigid clamping

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