general mills

Ultra light general mills

Ultra light milling cutter series, even at the HG5 taper machining center, performs well.

THFE12 and EHFE12 types


– economy 4 frontier insertion

– various chipsets for all workpiece materials

– intermediate coolant supply hole

Super lightweight all PHCD tilt factories

With dedicated insert, allow improved surface finish and reduce burr!

DHPD09 and EHDPD09 type


– milling cutter with PHCD insert

– high-speed processing Vc up to 4000 m/min (13123 SFM)

– various types of inserts: General, wiper, and deburring wiper insert

– intermediate coolant supply hole

Miniature shoulder milling cutter with unparalleled stability

Shoulder milling machine with small diameter, good stability and high production efficiency


Special stability

The unique shape inserts and its positioning are inserted at cutterbody with greater support.

V-type insert bottom avoids insertion movement during machining.

The side side of the obtuse Angle can strengthen the cutting edge and avoid the cutting.

Wider insertion cross-section improves insert strength and allows for larger spiral sizes.

Compared with MH1.8, the larger screw size of MH2 can reduce the helical neck shear under high cutting force.

— precision machining

Sharp cutting edges and large dip Angle ensure smooth cutting.

Peripheral ground insertion provides highly accurate processing walls and surface finish.

Insert –

Two types of insert geometry materials cover a wide range of materials from steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum to heat-resistant high temperature alloys.


– the shoulder milling

– slot

– increase

— plummeting and traversing

— screw interpolation

– hole expanding

High productivity, cost-effective shoulder milling cutter

High – precision shoulder – type milling cutter with economic double-sided triangular Mosaic


– 6 for economic benefit design

– fully effective cutting edge length in side milling

– low cutting force, even at large cutting depth

– notch cutting edge and optimized dip Angle form bucket chip to provide smooth chip evacuation

Most suitable for aluminum and non-ferrous metal materials processing

The tunnel-alumill is in highly demanding applications, such as high spirals, straight runs, and the grinding of aluminum and non-ferrous materials, providing superior productivity.

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