– high metal removal rate of aluminum

– cutting speed (Vc) up to 5000 m/min (16404 SFM)

– high-speed rotation up to 38,000 RPM

– unique v-shaped bottom pocket design

Secure insert seat at high level

There is no shear force on the screw

– excellent performance due to the high clearance of the positive Angle and cutting edge

– with sharpness and strong welding resistance

High-precision shoulder milling cutter with anti-flutter design

The economic type 3 tip insert has a larger tilt Angle on the cutting edge, reduces the cutting force, and provides excellent wafer formation. The optimized tooth surface and pressure differential can prevent the flutter in the process.


– 3 tip insertion:

Good surface finish, because it has good inclination on the edge of windshield wiper

Antiflutter design, optimized topography and lateral geometry

Lower cutting force

High wall surface helical cutting edge and surface precision

– the blade:

Large chip pocket for smooth chip evacuation

High rigidity clamping


– increase

– general shoulder milling, deep incision

– a pocket milling

— screw interpolation

– multiple shoulder milling and minimum step mark

High production roughing tools with serrated edges

Long blade rough milling and small chip effectively prevent flutter


– flutter design

Wavy cutting edges create smaller wafers to reduce flutter.

– smart and user-friendly design

Each flute (adjacent pocket along the radial direction) is cut into a Z direction. This positioning ensures that the inserted peak is inserted in the adjacent slot. Therefore, the surface of the machined wall is close to flat.

There is no need for a specific insertion location because the positioning is done on the cutter.

All blade cutting edges are the same.

The insertion Angle is enhanced to prevent the Angle from cutting off the bottom insert. (the bottom insert is an effective Angle, which can make the feed size equal)

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