Low cutting force in high feed cutting

Strong fracture resistance

Excellent chip control

– applicable to cutting depth of 2 mm (0.079)

– unique design of pigeon tail jigs

Rigid clamping of a screw

High feed end milling cutter

Super – high feed cutting machine improves production efficiency.


– center cutting edge for high productivity in rough machining

– long mold for low cutting force

L/D = 4: same as solid end milling cutter

– long spiral pockets and stomata for smooth chip evacuation

– new clamping mechanism provides the tool diameter of rigid and reduced dimensions

The tail insert clamps to ensure high productivity

Three types of insertions have a triple advantage in productivity, cost, and surface quality


— versatility

Three double-sided inserts are in the same pocket

Rigid clamping

The dovetail structure provides high clamping stiffness with only one screw

Improved performance, especially in high temperature materials

Extended tool life

Insert –

8 square inserts for greater cutting depth

An economic octagonal insertion

Used for rough 8-angle round blade

Economic face milling cutter, high production efficiency, applicable to all kinds of materials

It has two – sided, hard – insert, 10 – tip high – rigidity cutting tool, which has excellent efficiency in high feed.


– economical type, with 10 tips on both sides

The tilt Angle and cutting edge Angle are low cutting force

Neutral m insertion is applied to right and left processing

AH3135, with high resistance to cutting and processing of steel and stainless steel materials

Cermet grade provides excellent surface finish for soft steel

– the blade:

It is suitable for rough, close and extra close cutting knife for various processing requirements

Ideal steel and cast iron face milling!

A knife body with four insert options widens its range of applications.


– 4 insert type:


The two sides are inserted into 16 tips for small cutting depth


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