In the process of processing, two sides are inserted in four cutting edgesLarge areas, effectively cutting the unused Angle

Excellent chip evacuation, oblique cutting edge of inclined to form small chip, transport smooth chip evacuation.

– high reliability clamps:

Bending clamp technology avoids insertion motion during processing

The rectangular design ensures the anti-rotation, and the traditional insertion is difficult to achieve

— strengthen cross section

Insert design allows cross sections to be larger than circular inserts.

– two inserts of the same knife body

The insertion of the radius and the insertion of the high feed are all suitable for the same knife body, which provides flexibility and depends on the application.


– the shoulder milling

– slot

– increase

– small depth down and through

Slump in –

– drilling (spiral feed)

– expanding hole

High feed cutting machine for wide application

In addition to the short cut knife, it also includes a rough cutter to cover a wide range of applications and processing requirements.


– high productivity, excellent chip evacuation and excellent chip control

– each tooth has a high feeding capacity of 2 mm (0.079)

– economic type insertion, 4 tips:

It can be used for cutting depth of two sizes

THXN03 EHXN03, HHXN03 1.0 mm (0.039)

THXN06, EHXN06 1.5 mm (0.059)

– low cutting force design

– in high feed rate, good surface finish, eliminate semi-finishing

The pitch of the two cutting machines:

Maintain high productivity in stable conditions

Coarse tuning of low power machines to reduce vibration


— high feed milling

– increase

Slump in –

– expanding hole

– slot

– drilling

– the shoulder milling

– general processing

— mould processing

Super high feed face milling cutter, 8 tip insertion

A double-sided insertion of 8 tips helps reduce manufacturing costs. In addition, the clamped dovetail structure is strongly supported in the high feed milling, which provides a strong crack resistance.


– ideal high productivity insertion


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