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D1 is a PHVD application diamond, while DH2 is a CHVD application. Support these two series are a hard alloy end milling cutter, specially designed and manufactured graphite milling in mind. While other companies simply will standard production of end milling cutter with coating, but the GRD – d1 and GRD – dH2 is customized project, has higher and heavier spiral core, so as to provide more free cutting and less deflection. These two series have also achieved great success in other applications with high grinding materials.

Smooth coating D1: the new generation DH1 of the circular tool laboratory improves the standard of PHVD diamond coating. DH1 PHVD diamond is a smooth, amorphous diamond coating with extremely high cutting edge. DH1 provides the highest value proposition in most applications. The short, medium and long running work benefits from the unique properties of D1, and the small diameter end milling cutter is especially praised for the smooth and thin coating structure. These final factories will produce the best finished products and the most precise cutting of our diamond options. DH1 end mills also have a quick turnaround time with our internal coating facilities.

Type: PHVD color: glossy black thick on each side: 1.75-2.5 microns

Smooth coating DH2: the new generation DH2 of the RoundTool laboratory is “grown on” CHVD diamond coating, which has the highest wear resistance in processed graphite and abrasive nonmetals. Tool life can be improved to 50x, standard uncoated carbide end milling cutter. Long tool life and minimum wear, DH2 coating end mills improve the precision of parts and the tolerance level of workpieces. DH2 end milling cutter has long time for physical growth in the coating container and the length of diamond crystal structure.

Type: CHVD color: flat dark grey thickness: 4-6 micron

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