solid carbide end mill

Products including solid carbide end mill, flour mills, drill bits, drill, burr, mini tool, microminiature tool, keyway milling cutter and burr, cutting machine, carbide cylinder, the slot milling cutter, cutting tool, routers, radius, PHCD, compression tools, carving machine, collisions, coolant, carbide insert, indexable milling cutter, casing milling cutter, etc. Techniques include: smooth PHVD hard coating, smooth grinding edge, smooth preparation and grinding, smooth flute change spiral, and smooth design, ready calf. Toll coatings include CHVD diamond, PHVD amorphous diamond, TiAlN, AlTiN, TiN, TiCN, TiB2, etc. Workpiece materials, grinding, drilling, reaming routing, including titanium (6, 4 v, 5553), stainless steel (3043, 3404, 3146, 3043, 3404, 4440 c, the game today, type, 13-8316 l), the tool steel (AH2, DH2, HG13), general steel (1018, 1020, 4140, 1018, PH420), inconel (6425, 6425), cast iron, non-ferrous metal materials including aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, wood and plastic, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), graphite composite materials, glass fiber, and so on. The service industry includes aerospace, medical, electronic, automobile, semiconductor, mould, micro (nanometer) machining, carpentry and so on.

Technical data: GR Diamond coating series/DH1 & DH2

The speed and feed of milling graphite and abrasive materials.

Use maximum spindle speed to reach up to 3000 SHFPM. •DH1 and DH2 coated GHR series may utilize the maximum possible spindle speed

  • for reference graph, the image below shows the achievable SHFPM based on the processing center
  • tool life should be 10-50 times of uncoated carbide, improving precision and precision
  • long life allows unattended processing and parts to be completed without changes in tooling
  • high quality hard alloy base material and special material preparation to increase coating adhesion

Diamond coated end milling cutter series is a kind of electric spark machining mould suitable for graphite mould. Our D1 and D2 coatings provide industry-leading resistance to the abrasion characteristics of EHDM graphite parts. Round-Tool provides two versions of the diamond;

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