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The tungsten factory meets your needs by inventing the ultimate sales tool to bring value to your customers and maximize your productivity. You can rest assured that you and your staff can only focus on one thing: sales.

Time: whenever and wherever you have Internet access, you can get the price and delivery of your special tools. Don’t like computers? Call us and we’ll make your offer when you call. Our delivery speed is very fast.

Money: the great efficiency we bring to the procurement process is delivered to you and your customers through competitive prices. And this beautiful distributor-friendly business model does not create inventory; When you process the bill, we build our products and delivery ships for your customers. Simple.

Quality: all products are manufactured at our ISO 9001:2000 factory, using the best hard alloy materials and the best grinding and coating processes in the world. You’ll find that your client’s use of our products has led to a great thing: repeat business. Because we had been working in the field of cemented carbide cutting tools business for more than 35 years (by our sister company in tools alliance), please be assured that all of our tools is a world-class, including patent and patent application, we get permission from the super tool,

Round tool lab and lauter (such as our VGH4 variable spiral end milling cutter).

The tungsten tool factory created the ultimate sales tool for our industrial distribution value-added partners and introduced the VHAP click-through program. Turn your site into a dynamic, useful profit center that turns curious browsers into paying users.

The simplicity, convenience and quality of the industry-leading quotation/ordering system create extremely high customer satisfaction, which means your client will be back again and again.

By adding the hyperlinks on your web site of the tungsten wire factory sign (plus we have in our database to add your logo and slogan), you create a electronic sales personnel, not only do not need to cost account, and can improve and make use of your existing internal and external sales efforts and talents.

The VHAP click of the tungsten tool – through the features of the program include:

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