cutting tool industry

  • complete the “joint brand” online experience so that your customers can see your logo and slogan from the original quotation page by ordering and confirming.
  • “lock” the distributor by default. When customers come to our site through your website (” clic-through “), your company information will automatically be filled in to the distributor part of their account.
  • provide different email confirmation for customers and dealers. Customer’s confirmation includes total sales price and order details, including all of the above net sales prices and detailed instructions from our factory.
  • the “click-through” effect statistics provided by Google analysis.
  • no inventory requirements; It’s just a boat from the factory and a bill for your customer.
  • no capital expenditure; We have built this wonderful sales tool for your regular use.

No extra labor is needed. Instead, it will make your existing employees more productive.

Tungsten ToolWorks sales features:

  • the company was created in a “white paper”, with no cost or technical limitations to provide the world’s best knives.

Tungsten cutting tool is dedicated to special hard alloy cutting tool industry.

  • we are private, long-term focus and target operation, 100% production of our products in ISO 9001:2000 registered factory.
  • our substrate, geometry and coating are specially selected for each application and series.
  • our tool diameter, radius and concentricity are very accurate.
  • all tungsten products are “SHFR” (ready).
  • our grinding method and coating process produce a very sharp and lasting edge.
  • our pricing and delivery information is 24/7/365.
  • we provide special coating, such as TiB2 and HGSN2, for quick delivery.

We can give the company a full order.

  • we are able to quickly and effectively quote and produce printed specials or products that cannot be designed on our website.
  • provides a range of points and metric sizes.
  • we have sales offices in both coastal zones (Florida and California).
  • we strongly support the layout of traditional industries.
  • no inventory requirements! Zero, post, no hair…

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