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Technology for the tungsten cutter and tool alliance: we’re obsessed with creating the best tools for the details. Our reward is to meet the needs of our customers by increasing the productivity of our factories. We can’t be the best if there are no different ideas. So, in the 35-year history of operations, we’ve developed proprietary technologies that have produced the characteristics of significant cutting tools, unlike what you’ve found elsewhere:

  • polished edge for extreme sharpness and lubricity.
  • smooth design = precision grinding, tool keeping, and minimum TIR tolerance.
  • smooth coating = SPV based SuperNitride PHVD coating for surface hardness and uniformity.

Reliable hard metal specials

Time. The money. Quality. They have been your most valuable resource for managing your business.

The tungsten factory meets your needs by inventing the ultimate sales tool to bring value to your customers and maximize your productivity. You can rest assured that you and your staff can only focus on one thing: sales.

Time: get the price and delivery of your special tools immediately

You can surf the Internet whenever and wherever. Don’t likecomputers? Call us and we’ll make your offer when you call. Our delivery speed is very fast.

Money: the great efficiency we bring to the procurement process is delivered to you and your customers through competitive prices. And this beautiful distributor-friendly business model does not create inventory; When you process the bill, we build our products and delivery ships for your customers. Simple.

Quality: all products are manufactured at our ISO 9001:2000 factory, using the best hard alloy materials and the best grinding and coating processes in the world. You’ll find that your client’s use of our products has led to a great thing: repeat business. Because we had been working in the field of cemented carbide cutting tools business for more than 35 years (by our sister company in tools alliance), please be assured that all of our tools is a world-class, including patent and patent application, we get permission from the super tool,

Round tool lab and lauter (such as our VGH4 variable spiral end milling cutter).

THUL offers a range of rotations, milling and drilling products with different grades, sizes and detritus. The mould system can also be used to fully support the processing demand of customers in various industries.

Strong feed milling cutter, improved metal removal rate

Efficient large part face milling operation


– high metal removal rate

Maximum cutting depth is 2.5mm (0.098)

High feed rate is as high as 2.0 mm (0.079 “)/teeth

— good chip evacuation

The formation of a wave cutting edge control chip quickly takes the chip out of the pocket.

The large chip grooves in the cutter body help smooth the evacuation of the chip.

Blowing on the cutting edge helps remove the chip in the pocket machining process.

— multi-functional processing

Large tilt and screw interpolation Angle due to positive side.

The cutting edge reduces the cutting force and makes the blade suitable for processing various materials to prolong the life of the cutter.

– processing stability is higher

Optimize the Angle of rescue (alpha 1 & alpha 2) to reduce the flutter of high feed milling.

Strengthen the Angle of the front (beta 1) to improve the fracture resistance.

The front and back of the insert ensure that the anti-cutting force is inserted in the pocket.

Ensure the reliability of heavy machinery processing

Replace the top clamps with simple screw tongs


– the shoulder milling

— a small dip

– increase

Slump in –

– drilling (spiral feed)

– expanding hole

Unique insertion design to ensure high – stability high productivity

It is the ideal tool for 3d processing, because of the edge of the spiral cutting


– the supernormal circle is inserted into the geometry

High helical cutting edge and large positive dip cutting force.

In the process of processing, two sides are inserted in four cutting edgesLarge areas, effectively cutting the unused Angle

Excellent chip evacuation, oblique cutting edge of inclined to form small chip, transport smooth chip evacuation.

– high reliability clamps:

Bending clamp technology avoids insertion motion during processing

The rectangular design ensures the anti-rotation, and the traditional insertion is difficult to achieve

— strengthen cross section

Insert design allows cross sections to be larger than circular inserts.

– two inserts of the same knife body

The insertion of the radius and the insertion of the high feed are all suitable for the same knife body, which provides flexibility and depends on the application.


– the shoulder milling

– slot

– increase

– small depth down and through

Slump in –

– drilling (spiral feed)

– expanding hole

High feed cutting machine for wide application

In addition to the short cut knife, it also includes a rough cutter to cover a wide range of applications and processing requirements.


– high productivity, excellent chip evacuation and excellent chip control

– each tooth has a high feeding capacity of 2 mm (0.079)

– economic type insertion, 4 tips:

It can be used for cutting depth of two sizes

THXN03 EHXN03, HHXN03 1.0 mm (0.039)

THXN06, EHXN06 1.5 mm (0.059)

– low cutting force design

– in high feed rate, good surface finish, eliminate semi-finishing

The pitch of the two cutting machines:

Maintain high productivity in stable conditions

Coarse tuning of low power machines to reduce vibration


— high feed milling

– increase

Slump in –

– expanding hole

– slot

– drilling

– the shoulder milling

– general processing

— mould processing

Super high feed face milling cutter, 8 tip insertion

A double-sided insertion of 8 tips helps reduce manufacturing costs. In addition, the clamped dovetail structure is strongly supported in the high feed milling, which provides a strong crack resistance.


– ideal high productivity insertion

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