AGH3135 stainless steel end mill


Size 3, multi-function MHJ chip circuit breaker

Angle radius: 0.2 to 2.0 mm(0.0078 to 0.078)

The NHMJ chip cutting chip reduces the size and cut of the chip



Hole type THPA: standard size and long suspension in JHIS, metric and inch aperture

Modular HGPA: usable metric thread connection.

Coarse processing THLA: can be used in bore & integral adaptor.


AGH3135: suitable for stainless steel and stainless steel

AGH120: applicable to various materials including cast iron and super alloy.

  • use air blast to remove excess microchips.
  • operation for cutting depth (including casting shell) and

The processed workpiece material and the interrupted surface, the feed (fz) of each tooth should be set to lower recommended values displayed in the above table.

  • the cutting conditions may be limited according to machine power, workpiece stiffness and spindle output. When cutting width, depth or cantilever length, the Vc and fz are set to lower recommended values and check the power and vibration of the machine.

Tungsten – shred combines the popular tunnel-tri insertion technique for rough machining and long suspension.

– optimized tool design and cutting edge geometry:

– all three cutting edges are the same, simplifying the installation of each pocket

– the inserted triangular shape ensures stability and rigidity.

– insertion of position in irregular pitch helps to achieve good surface nongloss.

– 2 kinds of inserts can be used in the same pocket:

– 3 cutting edge and corrugated chip splitter are inserted into the chip and reduce the processing load.

– direct cutting edge provides high wall accuracy and surface quality.

It can be inserted in two geometric figures: NHMJ and the chip dispenser and MHJ, with the straight-cut edge, depth can reach 16 mm (0.63):

THCMT… . NHMJ: working well in long suspension applications and long, long – shaped milling machines


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