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The whole universe is constantly changing, and so is the world of mechanical processing. The need for new products is the driving force behind the technology development, which generates demand for complex materials and processing solutions. THUL introduces the tungsten production line of new milling products, so that you can meet the speed and speed of processing with high economic efficiency and production efficiency. Obviously, the tungsten force behind this success is a combination of excellent grades and insertion geometry.

High productivity, cost-effective shoulder milling cutter

Doforce-tri is a new kind of tool with double-sided triangle insertion, which has superior performance. – insert features 6 cutting edges, cutting edge fully usable length, cutting depth of 11 mm (0.433 in)

– due to the formation of dense chips on the edge of concave cutting edge.

The NHMJ chip dispenser produces small chips that help reduce the discussion of high requirements applications.

– the long wiper edge has a good surface non-gloss.

– insert triangular shape to provide high rigidity


Radius type THNMU… R16: applicable to rough and depth

Cut to 11 mm (0.433 in)

Type THNGU… Applicable to general machining and depth

Cut to 11 mm (0.433 in)


Handle EHPTN: it can be used on a metric and an inch calf

Boring type THPTN: rough and close design of the metric, JIS, and inch hole types

Chipbreaker edge geometry:

MHJ: general shredder for all materials

NHMJ: cutting edge, suitable for long suspension applications


The latest AGH3135 and the popular AGH120 are suitable for all materials.

Tung – Tri ΚΌ s economic insert 3 cutting edge geometry and optimization to improve efficient plain and not familiar with shoulder milling cutter and productivity.

– 3 cutting edges for high economic processing:

– the optimized topography ensures low cutting force and minimum vibration.

– helical cutting edge and tool optimization provide high wall accuracy and surface quality.

– sharp and rough rake geometry reduces the fracture of cutting edges.

– the triangular shape of the inserts increases the clamping rigidity and reliability.

– insert dimensions of 6, 10, and 15 mm to a large cut depth.

– the irregular pitch of the body can minimize the noise.

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