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THUL provides high – precision metal molds, mold parts and machine parts for specific USES based on the best selection of materials and precise grinding techniques.

Civil engineering and construction tools

Tour ยด s building a played an important role in urban planning program, such as disaster prevention, infrastructure development, and building the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the linear highway.


Shield tunneling part

The tunnel bit provided by TUL has excellent durability and mining performance based on its excellent carbide and design. Our patent long life position is very effective difficulty and long distance tunnel construction.

Anchor bit

TUL provides a wide range of anchor drills for landslide control, such as steep slopes and slopes.

Drill bit and casing bit

THUL offers transposition and welding types to remove obstacles such as steel bars and frames. These drills are very effective for all kinds of buildings, including soil improvement, underground continuous walls, structural foundations and Bridges.

Tunnel and road excavation bit

A cone bit can penetrate and smash an object with its own sharp characteristics. These products are used for road maintenance and tunnel construction.

In an accelerated world, a quick response to market demand is necessary. As a pioneer of innovation, THULcleads developed a unique and powerful hierarchical and geometric market in this new era. Our latest product is tungsten, which is designed for accelerated processing and provides the latest best solution for your processing.

THUL provides excellent grades for processing all kinds of materials with its innovative CHBN, PHCD, ceramic, Cermet grade and excellent CHVD and PHVD coating carbide grades. The new generation and improved post-surface treatment of the high iron technology level increases the cutting speed of steel, while the latest advanced technology level can also be used in the processing of cast iron. The main grade of this product is PHVD coating, which is used to process stainless steel to speed up machining.

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