Even if the first cut edge is cut off, another unusable cut edge can be used because the insert is sandwiched in between.

Multi-function system can meet different slot requirements

Tungsten has a wide selection of standard varieties; Insert and tool racks apply to all slot operations.


– multi-function slotting system

Rich insertion and tool support for different slotting operations

– stable tool life and precision

Long insertion bags for high hardness

High repeatability because of long insertion shape


– external, inner, surface grooves, turning, cutting

The most effective tool, deep open slot operation

Unique self-clip insertion, improve tool rigidity. Easy-Cut can prevent flutter in high speed machining and reduce machining time.


– innovative insertion of long tool life

Unique plug-in self-clamping system

– excellent chip control and evacuation

The work efficiency is greatly improved

– applicable to a wide open slot operation


– open and turn

– internal grooves and turning

– open slot and turning

– cut off

Grooved tools with 4 tips inserted

The ground insert clamps to the unique insertion pocket, providing high hardness and repeatability.


– economy 4 frontier insertion

Neutral inserts apply to right and left tool holders

Install all width slots on a tool rack

– 3 d chipbreaker

Excellent chip control and sharpness


– high accuracy, shallow groove, separation, and profile

The best solution for the inner and outer shallow groove processing

The most advanced insertion is suitable for highly precise grooves and provides excellent sharpness and chip control.


– ground insertion for highly accurate slotting operations

Sharp edges are used for strict sizing requirements

– SGH730, excellent wear resistance

Sharpness and long tool life

– reduce processing costs

Tools for tungsten series products

* Shim needs to change.

Used for various grooves and parts

Various tools reduce processing costs and setting time.


– internal, open slot and part open slot

– available in PHVD and CHVD coatings, ceramics and carbide grades

– broken pieces of various USES

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