Used for various grooves and parts

Various tools reduce processing costs and setting time.


– internal, open slot and part open slot

– available in PHVD and CHVD coatings, ceramics and carbide grades

– broken pieces of various USES


– slotting, cutting, slotting, turning and lateral lines

Unique system, wide groove and wide outline grooves

Grooves effectively reduce the processing time of wide grooves and the forming of complex profiles.


– reduce the number of times and processing time of complex contours

– easy to index from the front

Lever clamp reduces change time and machine stop time

– insert the pockets of the dovetail structure

There is no insert action in the wide open slot operation

– chips formed by unique chip crushers

– open tool design, paving the way for smooth chip evacuation

– internal coolant supply: FHPGR type

Stable tool life and chip control

Optimal performance of threads

The tungsten filament provides incredible thread productivity for various thread types.


– rich blade group for all kinds of threads

– good chip evacuation and contour accuracy

– long tool life due to new coating

-nhs9530 cermet level surface finish

– stable machining of small diameter threads with a tip insertion


ISO metric 60 °, 60 °, 60 °, wyeth 55 °, generally 55 °, parallel 55 °, JIS 55 ° taper pipe, the national tube 60 °, 30 ° trapezoid, trapezoid 29 °, oil well tube/support, round DIN405, aviation

Due to the unique clamping system, the stable part closes operation

The innovative clamping system ensures the stability of the parts running


– 3 inserts that can be used for different parts of diameter can be installed in the same pocket of the tool holder.

Optimized cantilever length, stable machining

– toolholder sub – spindle

Suitable for separating a small piece of work in a narrow method when using the subspindle.

– unique clamping system

Because of the innovative clamping system, unused cutting edges are always protected.

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