The heavy series now provides a 1 “round insert”. This is ideal for the most robust milling applications or a 1/2 inch application. The radius of 500 years. HGD 1 “circular insert provides three levels of configuration. One HGDRD insertion was used in our new r-hd mechanism.

Mittec has excellent resources to build special knives. Our factory is located in the area of li gao, with the advanced five-level CNC machining center. We can design and build custom knife bodies, which are characterized by our hard alloy inserts in two to three weeks. In some emergency situations, a 10-day delivery is possible.

The one-inch diameter meter – tec HGV5HD is our most popular size. We added some new configurations as the customer requested additional length.

Lightweight/medium application

  • smaller CHNC sizes are too small

The weight is reduced by 40% to 60%

  • accept all free inserts
  • special configurations are available
  • heat treatment steel body

Low profile free knife reduces body mass and provides reduced arbor size. Since the low-grade free tool is made of tempered steel, it has a greater durability.

In steel and stainless steel, 150 to 300 IHPM feed prices are possible. In titanium metal, 50 IPM speeds can reach 500 SHFPM. The miltke high feed flour mill and the vertical milling cutter factory bring a new grinding performance to it

Metal processing industry. These high feed knives combine the positive geometry of mitk and the precision local Mosaic. High feed cutting machine is free to cut, making its ideal stainless steel, titanium and external permits. The mitgram high feed mill is suitable for smaller CHNC and 40 taper spindles.

Stainless steel and stainless steel inserts: $14.50 ea-np-125-52-at / 72752HAT: square inserts. Radius/AlTiN coating has a radius of 125. Suitable for rough machining of steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Four cutting edges. Titanium, high temperature and exotic alloys: $14.50 ea z-p-125-12-at / 63712 at:Square inserts with. 125 year radius and premium


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