In/AlTiN coating. Suitable for processing of stainless steel, titanium, nickel and nickel materials

High temperature alloy. Two cutting edges.

Mitk’s free cutting machine kit

Mittec offers some of the best promotional activities in the industry, and even better, the madness never stops! Our crazy and Kit programs are available all year round and can be applied to our most popular free knife body and insert portfolio using the following methods:

The facts, tips and hints of the mitk free cutter

Level: note that the combination of carbide grades, margin prep, and coatings constitutes the insertion level (i.e., “52HAT” or “5-2 Hat”).

Effective tool diameter: your free knife cutting diameter will be changed relative to the shape of the blade according to the selected insert shape. Cutting diameter (measured to the outer edge of the insertion) is equal to the diameter of the valve when the user is inserted. When using octagonal insertion, the cut diameter is about 3/8 inch in diameter. When using

Round inserts cut in diameter about 5/8 inch in diameter. In the Freedom Cutter family, add + 45 separate methods to the inserted Central Line (see below); The heavy series has this feature.

What to remember: • always use stainless steel (coolant can only be used on a very light surface). 005-005)

  • SHFPM and chip load recommendations are based on the width of milling cutters and the milling cutter based on 2/3

Recommended cutting depth (DOC) range. 025, h. 150

  • after finishing cutting, the feeding rate remains the same, but the speed increases by 10% to 30% per minute. 015. 015
  • recommended speed and feed are startup parameters and may need to be adjusted depending on the material and machine conditions

Loading of 90 ° insert: when using any of the 90 ° insert, ensure that each inserted with direct fit into a pocket, the edge of 90 °

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