UHPC – Nano tank

UHpc – r has achieved remarkable success in the field of ultra-precision spherical and aspheric cutting applications.


It shows its potential in high efficiency ultra-precision cutting into planar and cylindrical shape


  1. The work is greatly reduced or exempted from running in processing time.
  2. According to the working materials and processing conditions, the uniform and high quality work surfaces can be obtained by setting the roundness of the cutting edge (sharpness).


  1. Work laser reflector
  2. Mirror of a polygon
  3. Product photocopier
  4. Flat and cylindrical mirror processing

It is suitable for fine grooves such as these

Fresnel lens


  1. The working cutting edge is uniform, very sharp, not affected by the cutting and fluctuation.
  2. The shape of the cutting edge is guaranteed in order of sub-micron order.


  1. Work liquid crystal optical guide mould
  2. Fresnel lens mould
  3. Product optical board mould
  4. Various diffraction grating molds
  5. Other good open slot

By measuring and optimizing the direction of the crystal, the life of cutter can reach a stable and long life.

The Features

  1. The working tool life is not too scattered, which is the defect of single crystal diamond tool, which is 1.5 to 2 times longer than conventional tool.
  2. Our initial design of insert and holder combinations makes easy and precise tool Settings, such as indexable insert.
  3. The product has inserts for direct cutting and inserts for bending surface. Form accuracy
  4. No adhesion, no adhesion, high quality work surfaces in continuous use.
  5. Diamond is firmly attached with a unique brazing method.
  6. Even during interrupted cutting, it has a high durability.
  7. Work. Unlike traditional fixed caps, there is no fixed cover to fix the diamond, so that the chip can move smoothly on the rake face and improve the machining accuracy.


  • auto parts (piston, aluminum wheel, compressor, commutator, etc.)
  • plastic lens, resin parts
  • hard disk parts
  • non-ferrous metal parts, such as alloy die casting alloys.

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