Tire winding packaging machine

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The ring winding packaging machine is a new kind of winding packaging machine specially researched, designed and manufactured by Fhope for rubber and metallurgical industry, which has a good protective effect on the ring objects such as steel wire, rubber tube, etc. It can be widely used for outer packing of steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, zinc wire, steel strip, copper tape, aluminum tape, rubber tube, tire, cable, etc. The machine has the advantages of convenient in and out of the package, wide range of winding package, simple operation and convenient adjustment. The products after winding and packing can reduce the surface wear of products, improve the sealing performance, and facilitate the storage and transportation of products. After winding and packaging, not only the appearance of the product is beautiful and generous, but also it has good functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust proof, anti-aging and anti accidental damage.

The packaging machine specially designed for motorcycle tires meets the convenience of tire packaging. The optional onboard program control system provides touch screen instructions. Complete technical documentation, video and images simplify maintenance and maximize uptime.

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