Door shrinking packaging machine


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Plate packaging machine and track stretching packaging machine, with automatic material cutting and sealing station, are specially used for packaging horizontal objects such as panels, mattresses, doors, floors, windows, furniture, etc The packaging is well protected and sealed. It looks cleaner. The machine can be connected with the packaging line to realize automatic packaging.

The door shrinking packaging machine is suitable for the batch of film sealing and cutting packaging of the long and wide products in the industries of picture frame, picture frame, floor, ceramic tile, wood products, hardware and plastics, etc. at the same time, it is used together with the PE film heat shrinking packaging machine, so that the packaging items can achieve a complete and good shrinkage effect. In the cooperation with the production automatic assembly line, it shows its superiority. The machine has a wide range of application, high economic efficiency and convenient operation. The packaging material for this machine is PE heat shrinkable film. Compared with the traditional packaging forms such as cartons and winding, the packaging cost is greatly saved. The products packed with this machine have the characteristics of neat appearance, beautiful appearance, compact and not scattered, ensuring the quality of the products and being suitable for long-distance transportation.

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