PHCD rotation tool

PHCD rotation tool (product line)

The Features

  1. High accuracy of work

With high precision rotation adjustment, it is less than 2 mu m edge

  1. High rigidity

Make the principal axis dia. Use angular bearings as large as possible

The product is easy to use

  • secure the t slot on the surface grinder
  • remove the joint and remove it

Sumitomo continues to develop innovative tooling solutions for aerospace manufacturing.

In aerospace, improving fuel efficiency is a top priority. Continue to look for materials that reduce weight, such as high temperature alloys, composites, and aluminum alloys.

Sumitomo provides tools for all kinds of applications, especially for superalloys and other difficult aerospace materials.


Replaceable prompts


  • available metric and British diameter from 0.4688 “-1.2008”
  • it can be used in 3XD, 5XD and 8XD hardened steel coolant
  • three styles of agile ™ in steel drill tips to maximize performance, stainless steel, cast iron, special material
  • the ground saw on the back of the drill allows for precise assembly and excellent repeatability




  • new stability design and three more advanced chips

Chip control

  • new insertion grade increases the life of cutter life of steel and cast iron
  • four-corner insertion design, convenient tool management
  • can be in 2XD, 3XD and

4 xd drill

GHS/sulfide mercury solids

Carbide bit

, increase the wear resistance due to the higher oxidation temperature of sumitomo agile ™ coating

  • the point of the GHS bit and the geometry of the flute, reducing thrust and power consumption
  • the geometrical shape can be used in coolant and non-coolant

Deep hole

Carbide bit

  • solid carbide coolant is drilled through drilling deep hole
  • 12XD and 20XD can be used as stock standards
  • the diameter of 0.118 “-0.750” is 12XD, which is 0.118 “-0.5512” in 20XD.
  • good hole surface treatment due to its double edge groove design

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