Innovative labeling machines for the cosmetic industry 2-2

The system was designed with ease of use as the main design goal, and simplicity extends to format change operations. The result is an extremely ergonomic labeling system, with all adjustments equipped with screws and “soft” operating handwheels, equipped with a series of DROs to ensure accurate repeatability of positioning. The system includes a “tilt” component for the head, which allows easy correction of any label tilt, again with DROs.

The management of the labeler is performed by a powerful PLC that controls all functions of the machine, including the synchronization of all equipment, so that any speed changes required by the operator can be followed consistently. The PLC also allows the operator to control the operation of the entire system from a single touch screen display mounted on a rotary console accessible from all sides of the machine. It allows the position of each device to be recorded in the recipe so that they can be recalled automatically when the format is changed, and ensures repeatability of adjustments even when multiple operators are present at different times. As an option, it is also possible to motorize the movement of the handwheel so that format changes can be performed completely automatically at the push of a button.

Performance is impressive: 100-150 products/minute, depending on format, is the “cruising” speed of the system, without compromising label quality and accuracy.

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