Innovative labeling machines for the cosmetic industry 2-1

It is well known that in the personal care market, the characteristics of packaging are often the exclusive preserve of marketing departments, which rightly see packaging design as the most important means of product identification and promotion. This usually translates into the various shapes and sizes of bottles, vials or wide-mouth jars used to hold the products that cosmetic companies must manage.

This in turn affects the technical aspects of the production and packaging lines, from filling to the critical labeling stage where the final product image comes together. Therefore, the need to automate the packaging phase must take into account the multiple forms, some of them very different, that the packaging line must handle and the characteristics of the bottle size and shape/material/container.

Therefore, facing these typical requirements of the cosmetics industry, a linear labeling system for self-adhesive labeling applications was designed. This system is capable of front, back and wrap-around labeling of all types of bottles: flat, oval and cylindrical in all shapes and sizes, including those with beveled surfaces.

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