end milling cutter

  • polish the surface of the workpiece material
  • long life and high resistance to cutting
  • precision ball accuracy plus or minus tolerance. 0002
  • large 1/4 ˝ cemented carbide strength w/handle 2 ˝ ovoid

Neck, clearance 15 ° TPS to follow

  • solid carbide end milling cutter capable of reaching 20X life


Product type: micro – end mill

The second step:

Next, select a solid solid carbide billet, and we’ll use it to build your special micro – end mill. Whether it is in the score dimension or in the dimension of measurement – this is your choice.

Then, in the decimal, specify the desired cutting diameter. The minimum diameter allowed is:

SHM2 and sh2-45 =. 005 (0.127 mm)

SHM3 and shm3-45 =. 0075 (0.19 mm)

SHM4 =. 010 (0.25 mm)

SHM4VH and SHM5 =. 015. (038 mm)

All seven series can be used. 125 (3.175mm) diameter. For a larger diameter, please go to the final product category.

You take your tools to work.

The tungsten mills understand that for any tool, the materials used are the first important feature. That’s why we’re constantly innovating new powder and grade combinations to demand applications.

We are able to ensure that our clients are from the cleanest, most excellent tools that are specifically tailored to your application, super grain or supercarb.

In order to meet the strict requirements of modern technology for hard alloy tools, two levels of cemented carbide are developed. The characteristics of these real sub-micron grade carbonized tungsten alloys:

Hardness 92.7 HGRA or greater

Transverse fracture strength is greater than 623000 psi

Control particle size is less than 0.8mm

These two grades are to provide a combination of the strength and toughness, it is unmatched by any other manufacturer, design has a very wide range of application areas, especially in need of toughness and sharp edge profile. In addition, a special additive can maximize corrosion resistance without losing toughness.

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