Wrapping machine

Equipment name:Wire Coil wrapping machine


Quantity: 1set

coil packing machine, coil stretch wrapper

The following are machine special design and key performance of our this machine. I made an explanations for you as follows:

1.PLC control program are used for automatic operation.
2.Parameters can be set on the control program with English.
3.Packing tension can be adjusted, more coordinated action, and packaging more beautifull and tidy.
4.Inverter for ring speed adjusting.

5.Ring speed and Roller speed adjustable by convertor.

6.Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.

7.Motor auto trolley car forward/backward moveable.

8.Motor for frame auto up/down adjustable for different coils size.

9.Automatic packing material feeder& cutting system.
10.Ring start soft and stop softly.
11.Rotate roll and centering roll covered with PU for products protection.
12.Machine parts are all world famous brands, and it is easy to find local suppliers of the brands in your country when needed.

List of Main parts


Description Brand
Frequency Converters DELTA / Omron/siemens
PLC siemens
Motor Dongli/Delta
Sensor Autonics
Switch Schneider
Contactor Schneider

More information: https://www.fhopepack.com

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